Beyond Basics: Small Medical Supply Bags

By | May 17, 2012

I have some serious baggage.

Not in the emotional sense (though as yesterday’s post implies, there’s probably plenty of that, too), but in the literal sense: between type 1 diabetes and autoimmune arthritis, the sheer volume of “stuff” that I have to carry every day is staggering.  Insulin pump tubing, reservoirs, and infusion sets; insulin vials; insulin pens just in case my pump dies; extra medication in case I get stuck working an all-nighter; a glucose meter, strips, and lancet; and to top it all off back-up EVERYTHING.  It gets to be a bit much.

When I first started carrying all that, I was convinced that I needed some sort of specialty bag… something that was “made for people with diabetes!”  Since then, I’ve realized that there are a multitude of bags, cases and compartments that have the form factor and level of protection that I need for my medical supplies while still being something that I’d be happy to carry pre-broken pancreas.

My personal solution involves a number of small bags.  By using bags that come in different colors and designs, it’s easier to snag exactly what you need out of your purse without fishing around and eventually getting so annoyed that you pour everything out on the table in the middle of the restaurant.

Kate Spade New York Daycation Coin Purse

The current fave is the Kate Spade New York Daycation Coin Purse which, at 3.5″ high x 5.5″ wide, won’t fit everything but is great for compartmentalizing all of the little stuff.  I find that one can easily hold my glucose meter, a vial of test strips and my Delica lancer.  All of my testing supplies in a case that’s easy to locate even in a dark movie theater using only the light from my phone? Yes, please.

Vera Bradley Slim Case

For something a little better suited to carrying things like syringes, insulin pens and vials, the Vera Bradley Slim Case in Lemon Parfait is about as cute and practical as you can hope for.  My current record for amount of stuff crammed into one of these includes: two syringes, a vial, 3 tampons, lipgloss and one of those tiny pencils that they have at Ikea.  If “Lemon Parfait” isn’t your thing, it also comes in Folkloric, and Blue Lagoon.


Jon Domenico on May 21, 2012 at 5:35 pm.

Hi people! I quite agree with your experience. Thanks a lot for having written this.


Hamada on August 2, 2012 at 11:49 am.

there is no cure for diabetes. none. if you are a type 2, you can (sometimes) mnagae it with diet, exercise and oddball cure like this, but you are still a diabetic. just one in control. if you are a type 1, then these suggestions are no more effective than witch doctors. if your pancreas is damaged and cannot produce any or enough insulin, no amount of herb, cinnamon, or tea will make a difference.


Leticia on May 27, 2012 at 2:42 am.

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Marina on August 2, 2012 at 10:47 am.

There is no cure for Diabetes if there was there would be no Diabetes in our population but there is Diabetes Type 2 is a porgress Chronic Illness and as it porgresses and our Pancreas stops making insulin and our resisatance becomes more pronounced you may have to go on insulin.A healthy Diet is a good idea but telling people to drink so much coffee without knowing their co-morbidities ie heart disease high blood pressure is not a good idea as caffeine can induce other problems .this is a chronic illness and as such one must take care of your body no quick cures unfortunately yet.


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